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Green tea has been touted as an effective weight loss option and it has figured in various dietary supplements. Mega-T Green Tea capitalizes on the powers of green tea along with a mix of other substances known to promote weight loss.

While there have been no medical studies or Mega-T Green Tea reviews making clinically-proven claims, the fact green tea is the product’s main ingredient somewhat qualifies Mega-T Green Tea as a weight loss dietary supplement. The product has an official web site where consumers can purchase the product but again it is quite silent on research and studies.

Mega-T Green Tea Ingredients

Mega-T Green Tea ingredients include calcium carbonate, chromium and the manufacturer’s proprietary blend of ingredients. An examination of the weight loss properties of each ingredients of Mega-T Green Tea may impart insights on the product’s efficacy.

  • Calcium Carbonate – There is a 10-year study suggesting people consuming more calcium weigh less than those who do not and this is more evident in women than men. On the other hand, there has been other studies and research indicating that calcium does not really make people lose weight. But calcium is a popular weight loss supplement ingredient and could be the reason why this ingredient can be found in Mega-T Green Tea.
  • Chromium – This ingredient may have been used in this product for its action in preventing the dip in sugar levels. When people are on weight loss programs, they tend to eat less and this triggers a decline in sugar levels. Chromium however does not have any direct impact on weight loss.
  • Green tea leaf extract – the variety of green tea in this product may be the epigallocatechin gallate, which has been researched for its weight loss properties. The research has shown indeed the tea has weight loss capabilities. But all the research has been conducted on animals.
  • Caffeine – This ingredient has been known to have fat-burning properties and this has been supported by research. Caffeine has been a regular part of most weight loss products but it has its own set of side effects that may not be beneficial for everybody.
  • Eleuthero root extract Otherwise known as Siberian ginseng, this is commonly found in energy drinks for its energy boosting properties.
  • Fo ti root – Another popular weight loss ingredient used for its fat-burning properties though there have been no concrete clinical proof to this effect.
  • Garcinia extract and garcinia seed extract – Otherwise known as hydroxy citric acid, it is also found in a lot of dietary supplements for its fat-burning properties though there has not been any strong clinical evidence to support the claims.
  • Guarana seed extract – Acts in the same way as caffeine as it contains a high level of caffeine.
  • Bladderwrack kelp – Contains a high level of iodine that regulates metabolism through the thyroid glands.
  • Gotu kola – Known to have a calming effect on the brain and can counter the effects of caffeine, which causes restlessness and jitters as well as palpitations, tremors and sleeplessness.

Mega-T Green Tea Side-Effects

Since there have not been clinical studies to support the efficacy of Mega-T Green Tea, the side-effects are not that concrete as well which makes for a situation where consumers should take extra caution. People planning to purchase this product should get a clean bill of health from their doctors.

People with pre-existing ailments especially heart disease should probably avoid this product as some of its ingredients can cause increased blood pressure and palpitations. Other ingredients of the product may have harmful effects to the liver. Indeed there are some potent Mega-T Green Tea side effects that may not be worth the risk.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children, do not take within 2 hours of taking a fat soluble vitamin supplement, do not take this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding.


Mega-T Green Tea may works for some people wanting to lose weight but it lacks the clinical trials that would support its claims. The ingredients of this product that may have weight loss properties are the green tea itself and caffeine and these ingredients may not be beneficial to everybody.


  • Rapid weight-loss.
  • Boosts the energy level.
  • Burns fats effectively.
  • Cheap.


  • Lack of clinical studies on Mega-T Green Tea.
  • Lack of information on side effects.
  • The only active ingredients are green tea and caffeine.
  • Only available on the product’s official web site.

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