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Here is the story of another weight loss dietary supplement. Lipozene is a diet pill that is touted as a supplement that assists in body fat reduction and weight loss. The product guarantees that weight loss is achieved in a safe manner. It uses a fiber-based formulation that is said to work even without exercise or work out.

While this sounds too good to be true, a fiber-based dietary supplement actually works even if there are no sweeping lifestyle changes to accompany it.

That is because it interacts with what is inside the stomach and the digestive tract. It works the same way as a laxative would though not with the same results. Perhaps it is the degree of efficacy that varies from person to person.

All these attractive product claims would make even the skeptics stop and take a closer look. Along with the hundred other Lipozene reviews, here is another look at this weight loss supplement.

There has been a growing trend towards all-natural weight loss supplements. Consumers are sold to the idea that natural ingredients are way better than synthetic chemicals not just in diet pills but in all medications as well.

In this light, Lipozene ingredients hit the mark as it is a fiber based supplement that has no stimulants or other chemicals. But a search on the product’s website offers little in terms of the supplement’s other ingredients.

Lipozene Ingredients

  • Glucomannan: a derivative of Konjac Root this is a type of fiber that is known as bulk-forming. It creates a gel that when mixed with fluids in the digestive tract binds the stomach’s contents giving the body a feeling of fullness as it speeds up the digestion. Glucomannan has been known to lower the body’s blood cholesterol and provide relief from constipation.

Why Take It?

  • Fiber-based supplements do work even without exercise. If taken according to instructions, one can expect to lose weight with Lipozene.
  • It is all natural so it should not have any reaction to other medications being taken.
  • It is available in major retailers so access is quite easy unlike other diet pills that are available only through their web sites.
  • Weight loss can happen even without exercise.

Lipozene Side Effects

  • A leading concern about the product is that there is too little information about it. Its website does not really offer a comprehensive product brief especially in terms of Lipozene side effects. It also failed to provide all of the benefits of the product and is concentrated only on its weight loss properties.
  • Known Lipozene side effects include the feeling of bloating and the constant passing of gas. Some consumers have also complained of feeling drowsy a few hours after taking the drug.
  • Being fiber based, Lipozene affects bowel movement, one will find that the volume of the bowel they expel would be more and of a different consistency
  • Soluble fibers like Glucomannan can also be found fruits, oats, beans and vegetables so there might not be a need for the supplement if these food types are already high in the diet.
Precautions: Keep out of reach of children, do not take within 2 hours of taking a fat soluble vitamin supplement, do not take this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding.


Though Lipozene can help obese individuals lose some weight, diet and exercise will seal the deal so to speak. The fact that it is called a supplement suggests that it is an additional option for weight loss and nothing more.


  • All natural ingredients and safe to be taken with other medications.
  • Fiber-based so it works even without exercise.


  • Not enough clinical information is available on the pill.
  • Changes the bowel movement cycle.
  • The fibers in Lipozine can be found in known food sources.

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