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Leptopril is being marketed as a weight loss pill option designed specifically for significantly overweight people or the morbidly obese. This group would typically have a body mass index of 27 or those who are over 20 pounds overweight.

Leptopril is actually the generic version of Leptoprin-SD. It claims to have the same effect as the brand but is more affordable.

Leptopril ingredients include stimulants that energize the body while it reduces blood sugar after meals. It is also said to be able to burn fats. The pill is taken twice a day along with the two largest meals.

What are the Leptopril Ingredients?

The Leptopril ingredients are not found on the product’s web site but can be seen in other Leptopril reviews. While there are many natural ingredients in the products, caffeine dominates the mix. This suggests this product may not be ideal for people with strong reaction to caffeine.

  • Guarana – This is an evergreen vine that produces berries. These berries are used as ingredient for syrup, soda and may health supplements. Guarana is high on caffeine, alkaloids, tannins and xanthine. When used properly, Guarana can burn fats, elevate the energy and provide relief for aches and pains.
  • Yerba mate – This plant is the cousin of holly and is found in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. Natives steep the leaves in hot water to create a tea called mate. Yerba mate contains biotin, Vitamin A, magnesium, Vitamin B complex and anti-oxidants.
  • Green tea – This tea has been a part of ancient Chinese diet as a beverage and a medicinal substance. Green tea has antioxidants in the form of polyphenols. The antioxidants in green tea cleanse the body ridding it of free radicals and toxins. Some have claimed green tea has a positive role in cancer and heart disease though studies were not conclusive.
  • Ma huang – This is the Chinese name for Ephedra sinica, a controversial ingredient though researchers say the concocted version of the ingredient is relatively safe. Ma huang has a role in tissue regeneration, increased body heat and even as a bronchodilator.
  • Kola nut – This plant has been used as an ingredient for soda beverages but is now a regular ingredient in many diet pills. It is said to increase energy and suppress the appetite. It is a known diuretic and can aid digestion.
  • Kelp – This is green seaweed known in some places as a miracle plant due to its many health benefits. It is natural iodine that can keep the thyroid healthy. It is said to reduce the amount of cancer cells in the body and its high magnesium content can help menopausal women sleep better.

Leptopril Side Effects and Gray Issues

The manufacturer warnings say this pill is recommended only to the morbidly obese and consumers should heed this warning. Leptopril side effects come from its caffeine and Ma huang extract contents.

Caffeine can cause anxiety, elevated heart rate, and sleeplessness while Ma huang extract has been linked to stroke and heart attack. Obviously it is not recommended for people with heart disease, high blood pressure and those who have adverse reaction to stimulants.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children, do not take within 2 hours of taking a fat soluble vitamin supplement, do not take this product if you are pregnant or breast feeding.


Obesity is an alarming pandemic that has crossed borders and cultures. It is ironic that proper fitness can be achieved by having a healthy lifestyle and yet the number of obese individuals is still high.

Even so obese people should take great caution when starting on a diet program with dietary supplements. They should try to research the ingredients to determine if some have adverse effects.


  • Weight loss option for the morbidly obese.
  • Lower priced than like products.


  • Contains a significant amounts of stimulants and caffeine.
  • No FDA certification.
  • The official website does not publish the product’s ingredients.
  • Official website sells for higher price than Amazon or Walmart.

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