Diet Pill Scams

How to Avoid Diet Pill Scams

With the Internet becoming the primary source of information, it is not surprising that a lot of consumers have fallen victim to diet pill scams.

In order to prevent more people from succumbing to these deceptions, it is important to educate consumers so they will be equipped with the right information which can help them spot these scams. In addition, consumers can also find the right diet pill which meets their needs and budget and most importantly, are deemed safe and effective.

Top Diet Pill Scams

Consumers need to first learn how to identify the different methods employed by scammers and be familiar with them. The good news is our years of studying the ins and outs of the industry have allowed us to easily spot these scams from miles away. Here are the most common:

  • Offering free trials.
  • Creating fake news websites.
  • Creating fake review websites.
  • Showcasing fake testimonials.
  • Using psycho-babble.
  • Providing no contact information.

For a much more in depth look at each of these scams, please read on.

Free Trials

Free Trial ScamsA lot of scammers are using this technique as a marketing strategy by setting up a landing page which basically offers a free trial of their product. To make them seem more legitimate, they advertise using banner ads on trustful or honest sites.

Since the banner ads are placed on these legitimate websites, consumers are lead to believe that the diet pills are being recommended by the host site. Once the customer clicks on the banner ad, they will be taken to the landing page offering the “free trial”.

Cleverly-worded and impressively-designed, consumers will be encouraged to try the product out, providing their credit card details and believing they will only be charged with shipping and handling costs. But the reality is consumers will be charged the full price not only once but every month.

Trying to stop the website from charging the poor customer each month will be a nightmare as it would be difficult to get your hands on the company. For this reason, it is crucial you deal with a company which includes their real address on their website.

Earlier this year, Jesse Willms, was apprehended and charged by the Federal Trade Commission for engaging in fraudulent activities, including offering free trials but charging the customer recurrently for the full amount of the weight loss product. According to the FTC, the fraud amounted to almost US$500M. The scammer was fined with $359M.

Important: Do not sign up for Free Trials.

Fake News Website

To lend legitimacy to their Free Trial offer, diet pill scammers also use the Fake News Site tactic. Although there are only a few of this kind of scam today, it still managed to dupe thousands of unsuspecting consumers.

Essentially, the scammers will set up websites which are clones of legitimate news sites.

In some cases, they even include photos of Melissa Theuriau, a popular French TV Personality to make the site look more official and as if an actual reporter is giving a report about their product. Of course, the consumer will be tricked into signing up for the Free Trial.

To attract consumers, these news websites feature shocking headlines such as the following:

  • “Weight loss without exercise or diet! “
  • “No more diets — FOREVER!”
  • “Block fat, calories and carb absorption!”
  • “Everyone can lose weight!”
  • “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days!”

These websites are nothing but a con so you should be careful about believing any of them if you happen to come across one.

Important: Do not believe Fake News Websites.

Fake Review Websites

Fake Reviews SignThere are still plenty of Fake Review Websites but soon each one will be tracked and shut down by the FTC.

It is typical for diet pill scammers to set up several fake review websites wherein they even give different diet pills ratings. But, all the products in these sites belong to the same people who are controlling these fake websites.

Also, most often than not these websites rank high in search engines and it would not be surprising if consumers click on any of these sites as they look for diet pills to buy.

The content of the website will claim to be an independent review of the diet pills but in reality each of the pills are owned by the same person or company.

Based on FTC rules, this is not appropriate as review sites should be paid especially if they receive commission from the sale of the product being reviewed. Obviously, none of the fake review websites do this. A really savvy customer paying attention can easily notice this but regular customers usually find this difficult to recognize.

Consumers need to be wary especially considering that the perpetrators of these diet pill scams will do anything to make sure their diet pill scam is not discovered. Still, they make mistakes occasionally particularly involving the use of the same payment processor for all their fake review websites.

It is also common for these fake diet pill review sites to have no contact details or valid address. This is actually a common practice for scammers in the United States.

On our part, we try to unearth these scams so that the FTC can work their magic and stop these unscrupulous individuals. Hopefully, with our help, there will be fewer victims falling for a diet pill scam.

Important: Do not buy from Fake Review Sites.

Fake Testimonials

Since legitimate websites usually feature testimonials from their satisfied customers, it should not come as a surprise that scammers also add fake testimonials.

In many cases, there are also photos of individuals who lost wait dramatically supposedly with the help of their diet pills. In truth, the photos were obtained from “stock photography” and there is also a disclaimer saying “results are not typical”.

If a consumer is not careful, it would be easy to believe the testimonials and be convinced to make a purchase or at least go for the fake trial offer.

Another trick which was just recently discovered involved the use of multiple languages but using the same images. It would be common for these scammers to use before and after shots and simply change the names and the statements. A lot of consumers will not notice these details and simply focus on the hype.

In summary, these fake testimonials are rampant so consumers need to really be vigilant.

Important: Be wary of Fake Diet Pill Testimonials.

Fake Psycho-Babble

Fake PyschobabbleThere are also scammers who try a different tactic in luring unsuspecting customers. The websites of these scammers make use of scientific terms to lead you to believe that the diet pill is endorsed by a person of science and therefore, credible.

But if you look closely at the content of the site, you will notice that most of the terms are fake and the facts claimed cannot actually be proven.

If you see these, you have to stay away from these sites as they are designed to trick you. A lot of consumers are easily swayed by this fake psycho-babble since some claims can be quite impressive.

The key here is to ask yourself if you understand any of these terms and if not, you can assume they are scammers.

Important: Steer clear from Fake Psycho-Babble.

Fake or No Contact Details

Last but not the least, the fake diet pill websites usually do not include any contact details or provide one which is fake. It is important for consumers to check the website immediately for contact information and if there are none, you should not waste your time and immediately leave the website.

If you are asking yourself why scammers don’t want to provide contact details, it is because they simply do not want their customers to find them. It is also so that they can avoid the fulfillment of any of the guarantees or promises they gave. It is certainly a way to avoid any possible legal action after consumers discover their illegal activity.

Take note that some diet pills scams make sure of the address of their shipper so you need to very discerning. It would be a waste of your time to go after people who have nothing to do with the website.

Important: Do not buy diet pills from websites with no legitimate contact information/address.

Why We Are Against Diet Pill Scams

This website is dedicated to exposing diet pill scams and each of the tactics scammers use to attract consumers. If you or you know of someone who have fallen victim to a diet pill scam, you can get in touch with us. We can try to find out what the scammers did so that other consumers can be warned.

For obvious reasons, the companies which make our list of approved diet pills are scrutinized so that there is no denying their legitimacy. Rest assured the list of top rated diet pills do not employ any of the scam tactics enumerated and explained in detail in this site.

I, Mark T., owner of is in business as an affiliate marketeer and recommend products on this website for which I may earn a commission: I hope this disclosure will demonstrate my intent to run an honest and reputable business. For more information, visit the consumer education portal.